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Hey there, it’s Joseph Gonzales here, owner of Extreme Spray Foam, and founder of Spray Foam Marketers. I have worked in the SPF industry off and on since I was sixteen years old, mostly in spray foam roofing & coatings.

I have always been tech-savvy, and when I was 19, I started building websites on the side. A common question I got, was “How do I get more LEADS from my website??“. This led me down a path of learning digital marketing systems and processes that would turn into a full business offering.

Some of my early spray foam clients were Specialty Roofing of CA, in Atwater, California, (previous employer), and Distinctive Spray Foam in Fort Collins, Colorado, owned by my brother-in-law Josh Lehman.

Over 40 digital marketing clients later, we are delivering results faster than ever, and have raving clients growing in number on a monthly basis.

“The Plan” is valued at $497 and worth every penny. 

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